Monday, July 14, 2008

Wanna play guess that illness?

Well, we haven't done to much for the past few days because Kaden's been sick. Friday morning he started throwing up. That continued through Sat and by Sunday he had stopped throwing up but had no energy and spent the day laying around with a fever and I noticed a little blister on his lip. This morning he said his leg hurt and pointed to a huge bug bite looking thing. It's about 3 inches in diameter, has a white center and a red ring around the outside. Since then I have found more "bites" one on his temple that's about the size of a half dollar, one on his knee that's about the size of a quarter and one on the bottom of his foot that's about the size of a dime. If it's bug bites I have no idea where they're coming from because he hasn't been outside in days and nobody else has any. I called the Dr's office and they said to use neosporin and benadryl for the next two days and if it's not any better they will get me in on Thursday. Of course they gave me all the signs of infection to look for blablabla. The poor kid still says he doesn't feel good and wont even let me touch his leg because it hurts. I feel so bad for him!

Here's the worst "bite". He has been itching it so that may be adding to the redness.

And here's the blister on his lip.


MOMMY said...

Poor Guy!!!!! I can not even begin to guess what it is-maybe just a horrible reaction to some bug bites. I know my kids have them all over from just playing outside. Good luck and I hope he feels better soon!!!!! Keep us posted.

Alison said...

Oh no...Poor Kaden!