Saturday, April 11, 2009

Homemade bath paint

This morning I colored some shaving cream with food coloring and let the boys paint a masterpiece in the bathtub. It's one of Micah's favorite activities. He could spend hours playing in there. Unfortunately, I've now got a mini afro going after sitting in the steamy bathroom all morning while they played.

A day at the park!

We finally had a break in the rain so I took the boys to a near by school playground. They had a blast and Kaden had a good time peeking in the windows of the school he'll attend in the fall.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Painting with sponges

Painting is always a favorite in our house but my kids hate to get it on their hands (I know, their not your typical boys). So, I made some sponge shapes and attached paper clips as handles. It worked pretty well but if I do it again I'll use larger sponges.

I completely forgot to take a picture of their creations. Sorry!

Rainy day fun

Lately it's been cold and rainy. So, the other day I filled up the sink and handed the kids some measuring cups and spoons and let them go to town. Kaden wasn't that into it but Micah loved it, he must have played for at least an hour.

Pom-poms instead of Easter grass

I don't know about anyone else but I HATE Easter grass! Last year I swore up in down I was not going to buy it but, when I put the kids baskets together they just didn't look right. At the last minute I ran out and bought some. Of course, I spent the next month cleaning it up. So, this year I decided to use pom-poms from the dollar store instead. That way I don't have the mess and they have an extra toy in their basket!

See, you can't even tell!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday we had Kaden's 5th birthday party. He spent the entire day bouncing off the walls with excitement and then was exhausted by the time the party started. We had a great time though and he got lots of wonderful gifts. Here he is with the new bike we got him.

Normally we make the cakes for the kids birthdays but this time I decided I was going to save myself the hassle and just pick one up at the store. He really couldn't have cared less, as long as it had loads of frosting he was happy.

My sister had the brilliant idea to spin the kids around in the chair right after they ate. Fortunately nobody got sick.

Here's my niece giving Taryn and Asher hugs. How cute are they?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chocolate birds nest

Yesterday, the boys made chocolate birds nest. You need chow mein noodles, chocolate chips, candy eggs, peanut butter, and peeps birds (optional).

Poor melted chocolate over a handful of chow mein noodles (or just eat it like Micah).

Mix it all up, smoosh it into a ball and push down a little in the middle (nest shape).

Use peanut butter to glue down the eggs and add a peep if you'd like.

Paper plate bunnies

Tuesday we made these cute paper plate bunnies. We stapled a small plate to a large one, glued on eyes, nose, ears and mouth made of construction paper, added ribbon whiskers and glued a bunch of cotton balls on for the tail.

Here's the final product. It should have a bushy tail but the boys glued them on in a line instead. I also made the facial features kinda scary. As you can tell I have no artistic ability what so ever.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Micah's Artwork

The other night we were all sitting in the living room watching TV when Micah decided to go out into the dining room. We have a little desk in there with a bunch of crayons and paper and I could hear him coloring. I was thrilled with how nicely he was playing all by himself. Well, what I didn't know was he was coloring on the wall! Here's his beautiful drawing...

The worst part is it's still there. It's now become a joke between my husband and I as to who's going to clean it. I'm not backing down!

Easter Eggs

Monday the boys colored eggs. Notice the art work on the wall behind Micah.

We did two dozen eggs and they were all gone in two days. Kaden loves them!