Monday, July 28, 2008

Hampton beach and why my husband's a pain in the rear!

Like I said in my last post Saturday we decided to take a last minute trip to Hampton beach. The kids did amazingly well in the car...thank God for DVD players!

The plan was to wear the babies and use the double stroller as needed for the boys but I didn't realize Asher was still to small to be on Shaun's back with the ergo and I didn't bring the framed backpack so we ended up using both strollers which threw a bit of a wrench in our plans.

No makeup, my hair's a mess and just an all around bad picture of me but you can see the princess in a kangaroo carry in the hotsling.

They have a great playground right on the beach.

As I was taking this picture a guy says to me (in the thickest Boston accent I have ever heard) "Ya trying to start a baseball team". Haha

This is as close to the water as we got. When wearing the babies didn't work we just couldn't push the strollers down to the water and the car was to far away to carry the babies and Micah.
On a side note, my dream house would be one of those houses out on the rocks.

Finally, on the way home I gave the kids their I spy bottles to keep them occupied on the way home. Kaden had fun looking for everything, Micah just liked to shake the bottle.

Ok, as for why my husband's a pain the my rear...I had a place all set up for Saturday night so we could stay over. Shaun pitched a fit and said it would be to hard with the kids and adamantly refused. I wouldn't have stayed in a hotel, my kids wake up to early and would have had everyone around us up too, but this was a house. There was a last minute cancellation and the guy was willing to rent it to us CHEAP. It was within walking distance of everything and was further down the beach in an area that was much less crowed but Shaun wanted no part of it so we came home. Well, this morning he calls me and says he fells bad that the boys didn't even get to play on the beach and asks if I want to go back this weekend and stay over! There is no way I'm ever going to find a house up there on this short notice let alone one for $150. As much as I'd love to spend the weekend at the beach I had to tell him no way. Instead I think I'm going to get the boys a couple of fishing polls and we'll head up to one of the local state parks for some fishing, swimming and a picnic. Ugh, why cant men just realize we are always right and stop fighting us on everything. It would make like so much easier!


Alison said...

Looks awesome though, can you e-mail me directions to exactly where you went??

UGH on men..when will they ever learn?

Hey if you want to hook up for a picnic let me know..nothing like 7 kids under 6.5 to brightenup a day..rofl