Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kaden popped!

My grandmother who has 8 children loves to tell the story about my uncle David "popping". The story changes every time I hear it but it goes something like this...Apparently one day my uncle was sitting at the table refusing to finish everything on his plate. He repeatedly told her "I can't eat it all, I'm going to pop" but she insisted he eat all his food. So, he did and seconds later he popped all over the kitchen floor. As soon as she finishes her story one of my aunts or uncles adds "We never had to finish a meal again from that day forward". You would think hearing that story over and over and over I would have learn something...NOPE. Guess what happened today? Kaden popped! He took one look at dinner tonight and refused to even try it. So, I told him he need to take at least a couple bits of everything on his plate. So, after a 20 minute stand off he eats three whole bits of veal, walks half way across the dinning room and throws up everywhere! Poor kid, I didn't realize he was sick I just assumed he was being difficult. There goes my mother of the year award yet again!