Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crazy week but the twins are home from the hospital now! (originally posted on myspace on 2/8/08)

Ok, so here's how my week went...

Friday- I took Taryn to the doctor in the morning. They sent her for a chest x-ray and sure enough she had pneumonia. By Friday night she hadn't kept anything down in over 24 hours so I took her to the ER. We sat around for over 3 hours before they decided to admit her. The second we got upstairs the Dr took one look at her and said "I think we're going to send her out". We sat downstairs for 3 hours and no one noticed how hard she was working to breath!!! They put her on oxygen, started an IV and gave her a respiratory treatment. Then, they called for an ambulance and transported her to a larger hospital an hour away with a wonderful pediatric unit. BTW- you haven't had motion sickness until you've ridden in the back of an ambulance for an hour. lol

Saturday- Shaun came up to baystate and brought me some clothes. The entire bag was filled with maternity clothes??? My favorite was the maternity shorts. I'm not pregnant and it's February?!?! My mom agreed to take all three boys to the Dr's office (she's a brave woman). Micah had double ear infections and Asher now needed to be transported to baystate too. Unfortunately you can't do a direct admit from the Drs office so we had to do the whole ER thing again and my mom got to experience the back of an ambulance. They gave Asher an RSV test, it came back positive so they just assumed that was what Taryn had too.

Sunday- They talked about letting Asher come home. It was a good thing they didn't because that night they had to started an IV and give him a respiratory treatment.

Monday- Asher spiked a fever and his white count went up.

Tuesday- Kaden woke up puking. Then, that evening they let Taryn come home. My mom offered to stay overnight with Asher so I could go home and see the boys. I hadn't seen them since Friday and I was missing them like crazy.

Wednesday- I went into Micah's room before I headed to the hospital and he was covered with puke! I pretty much looked at Shaun said "Good luck with that" and left. When I went to the hospital they told me Asher could come home. So, my mom and I grabbed lunch while we were waiting for him to be released. Halfway through lunch my mothers head goes back and she starts staring at the ceiling. I called her name a couple times and she didn't respond so I yelled for help. If your gonna pass out do it in a hospital. She was only out for about 30-45 seconds and by the time she woke up there were 2 Dr's and 5-6 nurses standing over her and they were already taking her vitals. She seemed fine afterward but the Drs wanted her to get checked out down in the ER. All the tests came back fine so they told her she was ok to drive home.

Thursday- I woke up to the sound of Shaun throwing up. By Thursday night both babies where throwing up too.

Friday- I woke up sick. I took the twins to the Dr and Asher has a double ear infection.

So it was a crazy week to say the least! If it weren't for my parents and my in laws I don't know how we would have done it!

Being at hospital was tough. I kept seeing little guys with cancer being wheeled up and down the halls. There was also a picture of a little boy with Charles Barkley (make a wish) and a wall with handmade ceramic tiles in memory of kids who passed away. It definitely made me very thankful for my happy, healthy kids. Those families with truly sick kids are in my prayers. I don't know how they do it.

Taryn (my cell phone camera sucks)

Asher (he was pissed)

Asher with the picture Kaden made for his crib