Monday, July 7, 2008

Micah's 2nd Birthday!

Well, it's official Micah's no longer a baby :( On Thursday he turned 2 and on Saturday we had a little family party for him. Here's some pictures...

The favors I made

Every time I try to get a picture of all four of them it turns out like this. lol

Shaun's Uncle and his long time girlfriend send the kids a package of gifts for every holiday and birthday. While I appreciate their generosity I always laugh when I see what's in the box. They never had any children so they're kind of clueless about child related products. When Kaden was only 8 months they sent TONS of candy including a bunch of lolly pops because "we know he can have those". This year they sent these hulk gloves. It took about 30 seconds before Kaden put them on and knocked Micah right on his arse. Needless to say those got put away real fast. lol

Shaun did a great job on the cupcakes as always

My niece Brooklyn and Taryn

I got the code for this book at an after Christmas sale at target months ago. It came out soooo cute. You just send in a picture and a few details and they turn it into a book. Here's the link for anyone interested.

Every page has his face on it.


MOMMY said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
From your Birthday Buddy, B!!!!