Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boston Children's Museum

Saturday Kaden and I took a trip to the Boston Children's Museum with some friends. The place was AMAZING! If you get the opportunity to go, TAKE IT!

Here's Kaden looking out the window of the train on the way down.

The view across the river from the museum.

The giant milk bottle out front

As soon as you walk in the door you see this three story high climbing structure.

He could have stayed in there all day

Kid made electricity

Look ma, I'm in a bubble!

gravity at work

Daddy's favorite...chess!

He's on TV!

He LOVED this thing!

Learning about the human body

My baby the airline pilot

Arthurs kitchen

Daddy had a problem with this pic (he's a Rockies fan).

The blue man group exhibit

The air play room. He found it more interesting to stick his face over the vent.

Building something

My friends daughter driving the bobcat. Kaden was in a bad mood and wouldn't get in and let me take a picture.


This is part of "Boston Black". There is a grocery store, salon, barber shop, bus station and a few other thing.

There is a traditional Japanese house set inside the museum. Very cool!

Ummmm, I don't know what to say about this one.

Taking in the Boston skyline

How cute are they

The kids had a great time and the best part was it was free because we have a membership at our local museum but even without the membership it was reasonably priced. Here's the website for anyone interested.
The kids thought the train was the coolest thing. We took it right into south station which was within walking distance to everything we wanted to do. We'll definitely be heading back again soon!


MOMMY said...

We will check it out!!!!!
We are heading to Boston in August for another Children's visit so we may make it an overnight-working out logistics with the little guy now.
It looks like Kaden had a blast!!