Monday, March 30, 2009

Holyoke children's museum

Yesterday, Kaden and I took a trip to the Holyoke children's museum with a friend. I wanted to take Micah too but they are only open 12-5 on Sunday and he naps from about 12-3 so we had to leave him home. Now that I know how much fun it is we'll be going back soon with Micah.

Here's Kaden in the Shadow room. You make funny poses and when the light goes off your shadow stays on the wall.

The water table is a miniature replica of the Connect river.

Blowing bubbles

I'm not sure that goes there

You can barely see him over the steering wheel.

Checking out Elmo's vitals...he seems to be stable.

He loved this thing!

Is that Matthew McConaughey...Oh no, it can't be. He's got clothes on.

The Diner

Orders up!

They have a climbing structure similar to the one at the Boston children's museum but this one is two stories, the one in Boston is three. This one is big enough for parents to get in though which is nice for those of us who have little kids.

He could have stayed in there all day.

Testing out his cashier skills.

Dr Kaden the veterinarian.

Checking out an X-ray of a box turtle.

He's a weather man...

and a news anchor.

This place was definitely worth the drive and for only $6 you can't beat it. Can't wait to go back!


Alison said...

Looks of our favorite places!!