Thursday, August 28, 2008

9 month appointment

I just got back from Taryn and Asher's 9 month Dr's apt. Taryn is doing great she's 25% for height and 28% for weight. I'm a little worried about Asher though, 2 appointments ago he was around the 30 percentile, last apt he was 15% and this apt he was 5th percentile for height and way below the charts for weight. He's only gained 2 onces in the last 2 months. Of course, my Dr is on vacation this week so the NP said she would call me once he gets back in the office. In the meantime she had me schedule a weight check in 2 weeks.


MOMMY said...

Sorry that he is not gaining. Just so you know my little guy-N was the exact same way. Does Asher have GERD? We saw the gastroenterologist (he actually comes to your pedis office each week) and he was great and helpful. When N fell off the charts I was freaking out but a change in formula and some new meds did wonders!!! I hope that Asher's issue is as easy to fix-although it didn't seem so easy at the time.

Way to go Taryn! She is growing nicely!

Are the kids feeling better?