Monday, June 30, 2008

Guess I wont be winning the mother of the year award anytime soon! (originally posted on 8/6/07)

This weekend we went to Lake George and while we were at the Great Escape Kaden fell off a bench backwards during lunch and broke his collar bone! Ok, stuff like that happens. You can't prevent every little bump or bruise but I feel like the worlds worst mom because I didn't take him to the Dr for two days! He seemed fine. He fell off the bench, cried for a minute and then acted like nothing happened. Within 20 min he was on back on the rides smiling and laughing. I never even had to give him tylenol. The only reason I decided to make an apt for him was because he was saying it hurt when I picked him up and he wasn't putting a lot of pressure on the arm, but he was using the arm for everything else. I knew he was a tough little shit but I thought he would at least act like he was in pain if he broke a bone. Oh well, at least he's in a sling now and starting to heal. Poor little guy.

Btw- I'll post pictures from Lake George later.